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Oct 25, 2021

At the start of October, we launched a Halloween story-writing contest for the first time. The prompt was to write a scary story, starring Lofi Girl and her cat.

We ended up receiving over 800 amazing submissions - huge thanks to everyone who participated! 💜

After hosting some fun story-telling events on the Lofi Girl Discord server, we handed it over to you to vote for your favourite stories..

A reminder of the prizes:

🥇 1st place - 1 A.M + 2 A.M + 3 A.M Study Session vinyls + Special Discord role
🥈 2nd place - 2 A.M + 3 A.M Study Session vinyls + Special Discord role
🥉 3rd place - 3 A.M Study Session vinyl + Special Discord role






The Cat in the Graveyard - Haya Qazi

An unlikely encounter in an empty graveyard on the night of Halloween leads to a life-long friendship.


Le Fantôme - Matt Katterhagen

Lofi Girl receives an unexpected visitor on Halloween night, resulting in a change of plans.


The Serpent's Curse - Ashley Miller

Lofi Girl can’t wait to start writing with her new beautiful inkwell, but soon learns of a dark story behind it that curses her forever.

Runner Ups


The Low-Fidelity Mistress - Zenithar

The girl studying non-stop in her bedroom is hiding something, and everybody in town is determined to find out.


At the Door - Jennifer Clark

Lofi Girl receives an unexpected visitor on Halloween night, followed by an action-packed battle for a study session she'll never forget.


Boyle's Law - Eliana Seltzer

An unexpected live demonstration helps Lofi Girl finally get to grips with the complicated physics equation.


Red Light - Patrick Ketch

There's a strange red light in the apartment opposite Lofi Girl's, accompanied by an eerie dancing figure. And it's getting closer...


Thunder Beats - Christopher Vaughn

Strange sounds start to play in Lofi Girl’s headphones, and she finds a creature in her room - with an unexpected request.


The Demon likes LoFi - Liz Laura Jean

Lofi Girl’s late night studying session is interrupted by a sinister visitor on Halloween night.


The Faulty Cable - Dr. Gregory Serrano

Lofi Girl is stuck at home on Halloween night writing a fifteen page-long essay, in the middle of a power cut, and her headphones don’t work.