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The Low-Fidelity Mistress - Zenithar

4th Place

The Low-Fidelity Mistress - Zenithar


‘Twas the night of All Hallows Eve. Leaves were whispering through the air, the scent of sweets filled the atmosphere, and children were gathering in the streets to start their night. Yet, as everyone was out and about, one girl remained at her home. At the hour, the girl would look out the window to see what was going on in the city. Had she been overridden with an illness? No one was quite sure, as she never seemed to open the window to talk, but she was always more than happy to show her multicolored feline to the folks down below. The cat itself was rather large, so that meant the cat was at least getting fed by someone or at least...something..for that matter. Just as a cat could sit still for hours at a time, she was no different. Those who wandered by often saw her sitting at a desk writing ever so intensely. She never let up on her work, but just as her illness was in speculation, so was this. 


 What exactly was this girl hiding? Some folks simply believed she was studying, just as any other school girl would do. However, I and many others believed she’s up to something more sinister. She never left her home, but she always seemed to remain content with herself every time she looked out that window. Noticeably, she dawned a set of headphones that have a whitish hue, but as of that day, she wasn’t wearing her normal attire. Per the season, she was adorned with witch-like fashion. A black-ish hat with a teal buckle and a dark robe fit to match. On her wooden desk, there lied a cauldron that bubbled from time to time that was filled with an unknown green liquid that she would dip her writing utensils in after she was done using them. 


 Besides those oddities, music rang from her window onto the street below as it always had. On that particular evening, it was an especially alluring song. The song was similar to the likes of a waltz by a man in history known as Shostakovich, but this version was purposely made with the inclusion of radio hums and drum beats. It was almost as if it was supposed to sound low-fidelic in nature. At first, people carried on as normal, but the music soon became overbearing. Insects gathered around her window like they were entranced by the tune. Minutes later, dogs were howling and barking, which finally drew the night of sweets to a close. This led the people of Champs-Elysees to want to finally figure out what this girl had been up to throughout these years. Now was their chance. The chance to have it all revealed.


 Mostly everyone that was trick-or-treating on that street that night rallied up with one another to devise a plan on how to put an end to her song. Their first thoughts were to go with a simple yet usually effective approach, and that was to go to her home, get attention and ask her to turn it off. The group of around twenty-five people went to her house and gathered around her now bug-infested window. Beetles, spiders, and grasshoppers were all about on the window sill. One woman tried shouting to the girl, but alas, the sound of music was overbearing and her efforts turned futile. After some talking amongst themselves, they collectively decided to yell together, which ended up drawing the girl’s attention.


 In her dark cloak and hat, she approached the glass. As she looked down, she saw the faces of all the people looking back at her. She said not a word but opened the hatch so people could communicate more clearly. The woman who had initially asked, yelled up to her a second time. As always, there was no response from the girl. However, she did walk over to her record player, but it wouldn’t seem that it was to turn it down. She heightened the volume of it. Those who lingered too long in its presence would soon become entranced by it, just as the animals around it did. As they became possessed with the music, they started dancing. Those who tried to stop were struck with pain in their legs and arms. Many ran away to call the police to try to get as much help as they possibly could. The power company was their best bet as if there was no power, there was no possible way her records could work. As the police and emergency workers of all sorts were on the way to the scene, some inflicted by the song were already too far gone. When asked questions, they were unable to respond coherently. All they knew now was that melody. 


 Medical workers guided them to ambulances in hopes they could be treated for their illnesses, but it would take weeks, or even months of research to help them, as the dancing plague was beyond anything anyone had ever seen before. Although, it was widely accepted that therapy of all sorts would be needed. Physical, psychological, and everything in between, as many were husks of their former selves. To file a report on the illness, they would need a patient zero, but nobody knew her name. After a consensus, many seemed to refer to her as “The Low-Fidelity Mistress”, and so, that’s what she was called from there on out. 


 Finally, the electrical company had arrived to turn off the power and were successful in doing so. Immediately everything was put to an end, as it was all but a dream. Shizuku had finally woken up from the storm that raged outside.


  • So good! the detail is brilliant. Want to read more from this person!


    November 3, 2021

  • Amazing story, really loved the details in this one :)


    October 31, 2021

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